Colors InMotion™: Set of Ten The Human Journey


Art that provides refuge for our minds and souls

The Human Journey is a 102-minute audiovisual journey through 10 different heaing moods. Designed as a therapeutic tool for use in healthcare fields, The Human Journey carries the viewer to a place of inner transformation through the power of color and motion. One thousand original watercolors by Linda DeHart are synchronized with ten musical scores, some composed expressly for ColorsIn Motion™: The Human Journey.


Available on DVD - $900

CodaWorx promotional price until Dec 31, 2017 - $500

DVD Colors In Motion: Set of Ten The Human Journey

Price 500.00
MA Tax, if applicable25.00

Available on Blu-Ray DVD in High Definition, looped for public video wall displays.

Price 2000.00
MA Tax, if applicable125.00

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