Colors In Motion™

Colors In Motion is an inspirational and meditative audio visual that encompasses a journey through ten different sound and image healing moods, restoring balance and providing a refuge for our souls. This journey uses images from A Thousand Windows: A Long Walk In Beauty.

Colors In Motion is an inspired gift from its origins. The process of creation continues to open doors as people recognize the beauty herein and offer their part in its Evolution. In Observation of this unfolding, the Archetype of Creation can be seen. Beauty is the pathway for Healing what has gone out of balance. Creation itself is the source of beauty. The forces of energy within each of us follow a Generative path. A natural restoration towards well being comes from giving ourselves a space in time where Healing can happen. The ten part journey of Colors In Motion can help us to enter the present moment where Life springs forth. Remembering this allows the fullness of life forms to grow consciously. Our ability to know this will inform the way we think and respond toward what is given. Acceptance opens a flow that enables Healing. Colors In Motion offers a journey towards Resolution: in ourselves and in the world.

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