Colors In Motion™: Set of Ten The Human Journey


An inspirational and meditative audio visual that encompasses a journey through different sound and image healing moods, restoring balance and providing a refuge for our minds and souls. This journey uses images from 1000 original watercolors; a body of work entitled A Thousand Windows: A Long Walk In Beauty created by Linda DeHart.


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Colors In Motion: Set of Ten The Human Journey is a tool for practitioners in the Health Care Fields. It can be used in parts or as a whole according to available time and emotional needs. It will open in people, a pathway towards healing on many levels. Staff, patients, families, and visitors will benefit by being inspired towards a state of mind where healing can happen.


Designed for holistic healing, this unique audiovisual experience on DVD aids in stress reduction, decreasing anxiety, pain management, relaxation and inspiration. Natural restoration towards well-being comes from placing ourselves in a space and time where healing can happen. Our intention is to provide an individual the opportunity to use Colors In Motion, in part or as a whole, to create a personalized journey in the healing process.

Linda's overall passion is to create art that carries the viewer beyond the object, to a place of inner transformation through the power of color.

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