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A Thousand Windows

Currently seeking a 135 foot continuous wall with public exposure – for example a corporate owner with space appropriate for permanent viewing, an art form for healing environments.

A Thousand Windows: A Long Walk in Beauty

A Thousand Windows: A Long Walk in Beauty

A Thousand Windows: A Long Walk in Beauty

is an art installation, inviting you into a meditative state as you walk along a 135 foot wall of 1000 original paintings, each 4”x 6”, in 200 columns, 5 rows high.

It is the culmination of my work during the past three years. The intensely vibrant watercolor paintings are landscapes; abstract impressions of my travels. I painted each one until I loved it.

Looking through many “windows,” experiencing color and beauty in abundance opens us to a state of intense presence; joy, uplift, and healing inner peace.

The opportunity is to go beyond the focus of the object into the experience of the intangible inner space of our being.

WHEN The “A Thousand Windows: A Long Walk in Beauty” paintings started in 2003 and were completed in the Fall of 2006.


WHERE A full three years of painting around the world: from my Cambridge, Massachusetts studio to Kona and Kauai, Hawaii; Mallorca, Spain; Santorini, Greece; Tuscany, Italy; Pointe Au Baril, Ontario; Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY; Pascoag Lake, Rhode Island; Pemaquid Point, Maine; Cornwall, Connecticut; Naples, Florida; Paris, Maine; San Miguel, Mexico.


WHAT Using watercolor pigments and gouache - ranging from transparent to opaque to impasto, each painting was loved into form.


GOALS I painted 1000 landscapes influenced by the lands of my travels. Not one was discarded. I painted each one until I loved it.


VISION An art installation and meditation with viewers walking along a continuous 135 foot wall, with 1000, 4”x 6” paintings arranged 5 rows high and 200 columns long. The opportunity is to look deep into the “windows”, the colors, the scenes, and to recognize emotions, realizations, and responses.


HOW Fine line, white 4” x 6” minimal frames with glass optimize the effect of looking through window panes. The viewer experiences places familiar, alluring and reflective. Experiencing Beauty in abundance through these colors, forms, and moods takes one deep into a place of awe. In this place we feel uplifted and peaceful.


RESULTS “A Thousand Windows: A Long Walk in Beauty” allows one to go beyond ideas, judgments, and thoughts and get to simply being there in the present moment.


WHY “A Thousand Windows” create many openings to recognize and feel aliveness and wonder in your being. A place longed for in your soul.

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