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Paper Sculptures

LINDA DEHART'S handmade paper sculptures begin from a slurry of paper fibers picked up on a screen and molded during the drying process into three dimensional cloud-like formations.

She "floats" these sculptures in totally clear plexiglas boxes to allow for imaginative use:

  • mounted on any colored or textured walls

  • sitting on window ledges

  • suspended in windows

  • double-sided pieces for use on tables

  • double-sided pieces for mounting into room separations

  • clustering a variety of shapes and sizes

  • suspended in atrium spaces

The depth and texture of these sculptures create an exciting interplay of light and shadow, while the massing and feathering of the fibers give the pieces a fragile translucent quality.

On an architectural scale, she conceived of using this fragile art form as a visual division of open space, resulting in Artower-Cirrus, 7' x 4' x 8”. This free-standing column is inspiring architects to incorporate in large open spaces or as a dramatic focal point in lobby areas.

Linda became interested in handmade paper as a medium of expression in a desire to achieve effects beyond the limitations of the hard edges and flat planes of her fabric Appliquéd Tapestries. Linda’s unique paper sculptures provide endless possibilities. Each piece, by the nature of her technique, can never be duplicated.

This art form, which she began early in 1978, is photographed in portfolios, and pieces are sold through fine art galleries across the country, and through Linda.

Price list HERE

Paper Sculpture Urban Window small.jpg
4. Page Sculptures_010 small.jpg
Paper Sculptures Cluster Concept small.j
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