Colors In Motion

Colors In Motion® is dedicated to bringing beauty and centered calm to our busy lives by providing cutting-edge environmental display content, which calms people in public spaces, to help  forward-looking facilities reach new audiences and clientele.

The Colors In Motion® team is headed by Creative Director Linda DeHart and Dynamic Media Director Christopher Graefe. In the latest work Vessels, journey into the land of humankind's companion from ancient times. The vases and sprouts flowed from Linda DeHart's brush last summer, finding the music of sound healer and vocalist Chinling Hsu to ground and magnify their presence. Christopher Graefe facilitates an active expression of the growth and emergence in each of us in this detailed moving audio-visual wonder.

Colors In Motion® got its start when artist Linda DeHart and technical assistant Holly Campbell created The Human Journey, a set of ten inspirational and meditative audio-visual pieces that encompass a journey through various healing moods, restoring balance and providing a refuge for our minds and souls. Christopher Graefe came on board and Colors In Motion was born. Their broad already collection of Touchstones continues to expand and transform those who experience the pieces into a place of calm centeredness.