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When my attention is immersed in the present moment, I paint until I feel total love for what has emerged.

What I see, what I do, and what I know are one.

Impulse and pigment, inner and outer, are one.

The beauty within the colors opens an essential door, and I dance to Love as the music, and everything else is rhythm made manifest.

It is a place of longing brought home in my heart.

I birth beauty.


Color has shown me the way — I have been able to share my understanding of its power in many venues. Over the past 45 years, I have created large scale original works of art for custom commissions in a variety of forms:


  • Appliqued Tapestries

  • Handmade Paper Sculptures

  • Aerial Sculptures

  • Graphic Wall Paintings

  • Silk Paintings

  • Art-To-Wear Collections of Hand Painted Silks

  • Water-based media paintings and collages


All my pieces are unique, never reproduced beyond the original.


Always, in each venue, I invite the viewer/participant to go beyond the focus of the object into the experience of the whole space — to be conscious of the art in relation to the space it is in — how we experience ourselves in that space because of the art.


In 2003, I found that watercolor pigments matched the spontaneity of my spirit. I like the “in the moment” response of the medium. It is fluid. I use a lot of color, mixing it on the paper and creating many different layers and thicknesses for the results I want. With the use of watercolor pigment and gouache, I am able to create a combination of transparency, opaque and impasto to maximize atmospheres and land masses. I work with all colors except black.

My paintings do not come from an idea — I prefer to express a feeling of rhythm with lots of color. I get fascinated by something and keep exploring that direction until I love what has emerged on the paper.


My overall passion is to create art that carries the viewer beyond the object — to a place of inner transformation through the power of color.

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